Funny thing happened on the way to…urinal

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Some of you might recall one of my first posts – Writing on the wall….who cares!? link

In that post I was proposing that Interpersonal Communication is always interactive, but Interactive Communication is not always interpersonal. I was also referring to that infamous writing on a wall activity and how I often find myself filled with an urge to respond with rude and crude Who Cares. Well, there is someone out there who feels the same way! Yesterday I stopped by Mad Murphy’s Cafe in Middletown, CT to catch the second half of Dallas game and… funny thing happen to the way urinal! Someone expressed what I’ve always was tempted to “post”. Check it out!

I can’t help but to ask myself a couple of rethorical questions. First, do I take reflections of interactive communications a little too serious? Secondly, could the above form of communication be considered a blog?

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