Galaxian 4 Life!

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This was an assignment for which both of my sons would definitely get an A+++. Just finished playing Zork and Snood. Didn’t care too much for the first one because of the amount of reading and instructions required. I feel that if I’m going to play a video game I shouldn’t have to spend 10 minutes reading directions on missions, weaponry etc. If I wanted to do that I would play a board game. Following a little map for navigation purposes is fine, but the overload of text and instructions is not my idea of a video game.

As a former Tetris addict (I still have it on my cell phone!!!) I did enjoy Snood. I made it to 3rd level with over 36,000 points. It was fun, easy and relaxing. I would hate to say mindless, but in a way disconnecting from reality (like a true video game should be, right?)

All in all, I’m still a fan of the game I spent quite a bit of money for at the arcades as a teenager – Galaxian! Simple and relaxing, but extremely gratifying in terms of saving planet Earth from the alien invasion.

Also, I wanted to recommend two more websites full of arcade games. They are andkon.com and miniclip.com. Some of the games are little too graphic, but most are easy, safe and fun. Check them out!


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