Organizing chaos

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The further we progress with topics of our interactive communication, the more I feel we are trying to define what’s constantly evolving and reshaping; perhaps that’s the objective of our class?…

The Malliet attempt at analysis of Games Studies , with all due respect, was a fiasco. I felt that it was an attempt of applying a square to a jellyfish. It’s simply impossible to pinpoint why games, especially video and virtual reality games capture our imagination (no pun intended!). Whether we consider ourselves socializers, killers, achievers or explorers we engage in video games for a variety of reasons. And those reasons often change and not necessarily reflect our hobbies or interests. For example I have a quite strong interest in the history of WWII, but I’ve never had a desire to play Medal of Honor.


I liked the quote used by Abt, C.C. in his take on Serious Games. He quotes Jean Piaget saying that “Knowledge is not a copy of reality. To know an object, to know and event, is not simply to look at it and make a mental copy, or image, of it. To know an object is to act on it”

As a high school teacher I’ve always refrained from using the cliche phrase <when you go out into a real world> That automatically diminishes importance of teachers by characterizing their efforts as an abstract not based in reality. As if the real world existed outside of the classroom, but not in it. I also, have always strived to make learning hands on, because I believe that to perform a task, is to learn it.

Recently I was happy to find out that my sons’ elementary school is implementing interactive technology in their classrooms. At least once a week, each grade visits Library Media Center and engages in online educational games and learning activities.
So perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Besides training pilots to fly and soldiers to fight, we can use interactive gaming to teach our youngest generation to read, write and save the planet…

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