Still planning that funeral for journalism….

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There are many things that differentiate a blogger and/or citizen reporter from a journalist. Many of them were mentioned during our class discussion, but I feel that perhaps the most important was mentioned by Professor Halavais in his lecture link. Besides financial concerns and a mixture of talent and academic training, I think the essential trait distinguishing a journalist from an average blogger is a professional responsibility to adhere to a set of ethics that ideally will prevent him/her from reporting on an issue that is not fully researched and obviously biased. Also, the same code of ethics should again, ideally, obligate a journalist to report an issue or a finding despite of the consequences he or she might face and despite the wishes of those who would like that issue to remain undisclosed.


As a teenager growing up in a socialist Poland, I learned quickly to distrust mass media, simply because, as in present day China, it was controlled and owned by the governing apparatus. It was common knowledge that any newspaper article or a news report contained barely a fraction of truth. The rest had to be found by listening to BBC’s Radio Free Europe (illegal activity in 1980’s Poland that could easily get one serious jail time). Those experiences, on one hand help to shape my skepticism and always inquire about the origin of the information’s source, on the other hand they made me realize how cumbersome it is to achieve objectivity. Is there a true, unbiased version of a issue or event? Is it possible for any journalist or a blogger to present an event without reshaping it in some way, purposely or not? I think that’s impossible and that’s perhaps why all the news reports, despite of their alleged credibility should be taken with a grain of salt.

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